Different Types & Specifications of Perforated Grille


1. All grille types can be used for walls, cabinet tops, ceilings, or floors (reinforcement may be needed for floor application)
2. All types can be used for either supply or return
3. All types can be made to order in any feasible size. Wainlands does not offer any stocks grilles
4. No grilles are made with dampers (operable louvers). It is possible to add this feature onto certain grilles
5. The amount of open area required depends on the HVAC system, and forced air generally requires more than radiant systems


1. Made from sheet material in a single flat metal piece
2. Available thicknesses are 1/16" and 1/8" but can vary if required
3. Design shapes are punched, or laser cut out to make a pattern
4. Pattern shape proportions are constant, and border sizes vary depending upon the size of the grille
5. Border sizes range from 1/2" on small grilles to 1" on large grilles. These borders decorate and hide the edges of the opening
6. Typically, grilles are mounted with screws

A black and white picture of an air vent.

NO. 209 - Straight Slots

A black and white picture of a decorative panel.

NO. 210 - Crossed Circle

A black and white picture of a decorative screen.

NO. 255 - Italian Motif