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Wainlands grille types & specifications


  1. All grille types can be used for walls, cabinet tops, ceilings, or floors (reinforcement may be needed for floor application).
  2. All types can be used for either supply or return.
  3. All types can be made to order in any feasable size. There are no "stock" sizes except Wainlands Standard in Stock 15° Bar Grilles.
  4. No grilles are made with dampers (operable louvers). It is possible to add this feature onto certain grilles.
  5. Amount of open area required depends on HVAC system. Forced air generally requires more than radiant systems.

Bar or Linear

  1. Constructed with angled linear bars attached to a frame.
  2. 0, 15 and 30 degree deflection angles are available to direct the air in a desired direction. Grilles on cabinets usually use a 15 degree angle, and return air grilles usually use zero degrees.
  3. Mounting style, thickness, and deflections are illustrated on pages 16-19 ( pdf catalog ).

Spindle Grille

Grille Dimensions
& Mounting Styles

0° Deflection
Drop-In Grilles

15° Deflection
Drop-In Grilles

30° Deflection
Drop-In Grilles

0° Deflection
Wide Drop-In Grilles